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Restaurant Duct Cleaning & Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning

Those who have worked in a restaurant know the importance of duct and exhaust systems. They remove stale air and potential airborne hazards to keep the area clean and healthy, and keep smoke and steam out of the room. Because of that, restaurant ducts and exhaust systems are often one of the dirtiest places in a restaurant.

In commercial kitchens, counter tops, dishes and stoves are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. However, many duct and exhaust systems are neglected, and gather grease and fat deposits.

Grease buildups have the potential to pose health risks and even cause fires if left without regular maintenance.

Restaurant HVAC Cleaning Services

AIRPRO Hawaii completes regular maintenance services for restaurant ducts and exhaust systems. Cleaning these systems on a regular basis — up to several times a year — will help prevent health and fire risks. It will also help elongate the life of your equipment, saving you time and money replacing it.

Trust the Duct Cleaning Professionals

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