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Trash Chute Smells: Why It Doesn’t Always Have To

Posted on Jun 23, 2022

Whether you are a resident in the apartment building or the maintenance team for a residential complex, one thing no one wants is a smelly trash chute. While there is a lot of maintenance that must take place annually to keep a commercial building, apartment complex, or condominium building in top shape, one piece everyone […]

Why Duct Cleaning Is A Necessity In Hawaii

Posted on Jun 9, 2022

While we often think of the air here in Hawaii as very clean and fresh, the truth is that any outdoor air can carry dirt, debris, pollen, and other particles in it that you do not want to breathe in your home. Additionally, those living and working in your home also produce particles that fill […]

Kitchen Range Hood Not Working? Here’s Why.

Posted on May 22, 2022

The range hood above your oven and stove is an important appliance in your kitchen. Whether working in a residential kitchen or in a commercial kitchen, the hood helps remove grease, debris, and steam, as well as maintain the temperature and clean the air. While cooking, this appliance is pivotal to ensuring the health and […]

How Are Restaurants Ventilated?

Posted on May 10, 2022

You know a ventilation system is a good one when no one notices it or thinks about it. However, there is actually a lot that can go into designing, installing, and maintaining a good ventilation system, especially for a restaurant.  Restaurants offer unique HVAC challenges that differ from other commercial or residential spaces. The kitchens […]

Is Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Required for Your Hawaii Restaurant?

Posted on Mar 15, 2022

When it comes to fires, commercial kitchens are considered a high-risk environment. From appliances that use open flames to cook foods, to those that produce flammable grease, commercial kitchens can become dangerous if not properly cleaned and maintained. Ranges, broilers, fryers and ovens operate at high temperatures in close contact with combustibles such as fat, […]

Different Types of Hood Systems For Your Restaurant

Posted on Mar 1, 2022

Kitchen hoods are essential for any commercial restaurant kitchen. As the starting point for the commercial kitchen ventilation system, the commercial kitchen hood helps remove pollutants from the air, regulate temperature and prevent fires. However, there are two different types of hood systems made for commercial restaurants. The main difference is the ability to handle […]

How Humidity Affects Your Home Vents and Ducts

Posted on Feb 15, 2022

Humidity can have a significant impact on your HVAC system over time. Your vents and ductwork particularly are susceptible to the effects of humidity, including mold and mildew. Here in Hawaii, we know that humidity is a year-round issue. We take care to protect our homes, cars, and even bodies from the heat and humidity. […]

Signs To Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Posted on Feb 1, 2022

If it seems like your dryer is not working as well as it once did, it may not be old age. Instead your dryer may be trying to tell you something – time to clean the vents! While it may seem like a redundant task (after all, don’t you clean out the lint trap before […]

Upblast vs Downblast Roof Fans: The Difference

Posted on Nov 15, 2021

Ventilation is a crucial part of any enclosed space, especially when you have fumes, moisture, odors, heat and grease-filled air that needs to be taken out. Commercial kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms are some areas that will need ventilation, so it’s vital to know which fan to use for the best result. There are two types […]

How Often Do Trash Chutes Need to Be Cleaned?

Posted on Oct 15, 2021

When managing a commercial, apartment or condominium building, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to take place. While you are making your annual to-do list, there is one item you should not leave off: cleaning the trash chute. This convenient tube makes it easy and simple for residents and tenants to dispose of […]