Removing Lint From The Dryer: Why It’s More Important Than You Think

Posted on Sep 21, 2022

While the invention of the washing machine and clothes dryer have made doing laundry even easier, it can still be a dreaded household chore. It is a necessary evil for all households to ensure everyone is clean, comfortable, and clothed! As you complete your load – or loads – of laundry for the week, you may begin to try to find ways to save time. However, one aspect of laundry you should never skip is cleaning lint from your dryer.

Why is it important to regularly remove lint from your dryer?

As you move through the weekly ritual of doing laundry, you may wonder how often you need to clean the lint from your dryer’s lint trap, and from the dryer itself. It is important to regularly remove the lint from the lint trap before each load. Here’s why:

  • Safety
    The number one reason to clean out the lint trap completely before each load is for your safety and for the safety of everyone in the household. Lint is incredibly flammable, and if not removed from the dryer regularly, it could cause a fire. The dryer gets warm when it is doing its job, and the lint trap heats up during the process as well. If lint builds up in the lint trap or ductwork, hot air could spark a flam. Cleaning the dryer lint regularly will reduce the risk of house fires caused by dryers. 
  • Save Energy
    When lint builds up in the lint trap or in the dryer duct work, your dryer has to work harder to remove damp air and dry the clothing. You may end up doing extra loads or using settings that consume more energy to ensure your clothing gets dry. Keeping the lint trap clean helps save on energy costs. 
  • Dryer Lifespan
    For this same reason, keeping the lint trap and duct work clear helps expand the lifespan of your dryer. Appliances like clothing dryers are not cheap, so you want to preserve and maintain your dryer as best you can. 
  • Mold
    The dryer releases hot, damp air as a by-product after drying the clothing. If the lint traps this damp air, it could cause a build-up of moisture, giving mold the opportunity to grow. Mold in the home also causes other health issues for those living there. 

How often should you remove lint?

While many people may think it’s unnecessary to clean out the lint trap every time, the recommendation is true. Each time you use the dryer, you should clean the lint trap. The best practice is to get in the habit of cleaning the lint filter before each use to minimize the lint that will be in the dryer.

Additionally, regularly check the inside of your dryer, including the rubber seal around the door, for lint or debris. Have your ductwork cleaned at least once a year or more, depending on how often you use your dryer. 

How To Remove Lint

The lint trap or filter is usually located on the top of the dryer, although some are located on the inside of the door of the dryer. There is usually a small flap or door. When lifted, you will see the handle of the lint filter, a mesh screen where lint will gather. Pull this screen out to clean the lint off. You can discard the lint in a trash receptacle, or, if you are a camping enthusiast, save the lint to use as a fire starter. 

Biggest Signs Lint Should Be Professionally Removed

The majority of the time, opening the lint trap and removing lint from the mesh insert is enough to keep your dryer operating safely. 

However, after many washes, you may begin to notice several signs that it is time to have your ductwork professionally cleaned to remove lint from this area. These signs include: 

  • The dryer is taking longer than usual to dry the same amount of clothing 
  • You need to restart the dryer for another cycle after it finishes because the clothing is still wet or damp 
  • Clothing comes out of the dryer hot to the touch 
  • It has been more than a year since you last had your dryer or ductwork professionally cleaned 

Preventing future problems

One of the easiest ways to prevent problems related to lint build-up is to perform preventative maintenance regularly. This includes cleaning the dryer lint trap and having the ductwork cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company. Contact Airpro Indoor Air Solutions today to schedule your duct cleaning.

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