Is Your Kitchen Exhaust Not Working: Likely Causes

Posted on Oct 1, 2021

Whether you are cooking fish and need to get the smell out, or you are dealing with smoke because you have let dinner cook a little too long, your kitchen exhaust fan is very important. You may not realize just how often you switch the fan on throughout the day to get rid of odors, smoke and moist air. However, once your kitchen exhaust stops working or starts to fail, you will quickly realize how important this kitchen exhaust fan is. So what do you do when your kitchen exhaust stops working? Here are the most likely causes for a broken kitchen exhaust.

Broken Kitchen Fan Motor

Like many machines in your home, your kitchen exhaust fan has a motor that keeps it running. If you switch your exhaust fan on to hear an unusual noise, it may be due to the fact that the motor is struggling. Kitchen exhaust motors wear out over time, just like any other piece of machinery, so if your exhaust fan gets to this stage, the best option is to replace the kitchen exhaust motor with a new one. While this is something you may be able to do on your own if you are handy and kept the manual, it is probably easier to contact a professional who specializes in kitchen exhaust systems.

Power Issues With Your Exhaust

Flip the switch and nothing happens at all? This may be due to a power failure. Assess the situation to see if the issue is just with the kitchen exhaust or if you have a larger issue in your home. Check if appliances on the same circuit, such as toasters and microwaves in the kitchen, are working. If not, you may have a tripped circuit breaker or a fuse blown. If it appears that the kitchen fan is the only appliance not working, there may be loose wiring or other faulty power components.

Moisture Build Up

Are you noticing water dripping from the exhaust fan or staining the area around the fan? There may be a build up of moisture in the fan. This could mean you need a new motor or kitchen exhaust fan to help remove moisture from the kitchen, or you may need to run the exhaust fan longer while cooking to remove moisture from the room.

Light Issues

Many kitchen exhausts also have a light underneath to help you see while cooking. If your light suddenly stops working, it could be as simple as a burnt out bulb. If you have tried to change the bulb and the light still isn’t working, it could be faulty wiring or a broken light switch.

Kitchen Fan Issues

If you have noticed that your fan isn’t working as well as it once did – maybe there’s still smoke in your kitchen or moisture on surfaces even after running your fan for a while after cooking – it may be an issue with the fan. This could include clogged filters, a broken blade or a clogged air duct. It is important to have your air ducts cleaned and serviced regularly and filters changed on schedule to prevent further problems.

Troubleshooting Your Broken Kitchen Exhaust

Still having trouble fixing your broken kitchen exhaust, even after exploring some of the basic potential issues? Don’t get frustrated! Instead, contact an indoor air specialist such as AirPro Indoor Air Solutions today. Our team can troubleshoot your broken kitchen exhaust system and repair the issue, so you can get back to enjoying delicious food in your kitchen.


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