Is AC Maintenance Worth It?

Posted on Apr 1, 2020

Here comes the summer. It feels nice to shed the winter jackets and turn on the AC. As it gets warmer, that AC will come in handy for staying cool and comfortable.

Maintaining Your AC Unit

But before you turn on the air conditioner and let the crisp cold air circulate, you should consider some preventative maintenance. AC maintenance prolongs the life of your AC unit, costs less than repairs and replacements, saves money on your bills, and complies with your warranty.

Keep reading to learn more about why AC Maintenance is worth it. 

Costs Less Than Repairs

A quick tune-up before the months where we heavily use our AC units will almost always cost less than a repair of the unit. If you just turn on your AC without checking the condensate drain, dusting off the coils and motor, or changing the filter, you run the risk of damaging your AC unit and needing a costly repair. That repair will definitely cost more than a tune-up.

Costs Less Than Replacing AC

Everything in our homes wears out sooner or later. Air conditioners are no exception. The typical lifespan of an air conditioner is 10-11 years, but disregarding maintenance can cut the lifespan of your AC unit. Additionally, an HVAC professional will be able to detect and troubleshoot minor issues in your AC unit and develop a preventative maintenance plan that can extend the lifespan of your AC.

Saves You Money on Your Bills

Similarly to how a car needs an oil change, tire rotation, and fresh fluids to have optimal gas mileage, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Here are some regular maintenance procedures that will save money on your monthly utility bill.

Changing Your Filter

Simply changing your filter can extend the lifespan of your AC, especially as a pet owner with an indoor HVAC unit. Your filter is only meant to last for a few months and if not changed, can fill up and become clogged with all the dust, pet dander, smoke, and everything else it filters from the air. Eventually, it will fail to filter these particles, and contaminants will pass through to the AC unit. 

These particles will eventually clog up the fans and jam all of the moving parts, including the motor. It won’t take long and your electrical bill will skyrocket. Changing your filter each month you use your AC will drastically decrease your utility costs while extending the life of your air conditioner. There’s a couple easy steps you can take to replace your air conditioner filter yourself too.

Remove Dust From Coils

Over time dust and debris can cling to your coils and clog them. Indoor coils collect dust and dander, and outdoor coils can become clogged with dirt and plant trimmings. Coils that become clogged will have decreased airflow and impeded heat transfer. This will draw more power to be able to function properly. Protecting your outdoor HVAC unit can help with this issue.

Unclog Your Condensate Drain

Your condensate drain can become clogged over time, especially if you’ve neglected to change your filter or remove dust from the AC’s internal components. When your condensate drain gets clogged, your AC may not control the humidity as well. In some cases, mold can build up. Some late-stage cases can even cause water damage to your home. Unclogging your condensate drain is far less expensive than trying to fix mold damage or water damage. Additionally, your system easily controlling humidity helps it draw less power.


Do you read the fine print? Your AC unit likely came with a limited warranty, but that only covers so much. They cover even less if you don’t keep your AC unit maintained. Some warranties even require that you get your AC unit maintained by a licensed HVAC professional. If your warranty requires professional maintenance, you’ll usually find this under “Exclusions” or “Eligibility.” 

Neglecting maintenance, especially when it’s required to be done by a professional, can void your warranty. 

HVAC Service

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