Indoor Humidity Control in Hawaii

Posted on Aug 1, 2019

Hawaii is well known for it’s beautiful scenery and destination vacations. However, it is also a tropical climate and with that comes high temperatures, poor air quality, humidity. Below, we’ll discover what humidity is like in Hawaii, some of the issues caused by it, and how to solve them.

Hawaii Humidity Control

Hawaii is well known for having high levels of humidity across all of the islands. The levels can vary widely depending on the time of day, elevation, and the season. For example, the humidity can sit anywhere between 50%-90%. That’s pretty steamy!

The humidity levels can cause more than just discomfort, though. It can also cause very real damage to your home and HVAC system.

Home Humidity Issues

When the humidity rises on the Hawaiian islands, it can cause poor indoor air quality. This leads to several issues that, left unaddressed, will only get worse. The effects of high humidity include:

Wet stains

In addition to mold in your home, you may notice wet stains or sweaty walls. This is the moisture in the air actually attaching to surfaces, kind of like when bottles “sweat.” This leads to issues like mold in the home.


The biggest side effect of humidity in homes is mold. The increasing temperatures with the moisture in the air will cause mold to form on the walls, on window sills,  and maybe even in the air ducts. This will lead to allergy issues and maybe even colds or infections. 

Clammy air

In addition to wet walls and mold, you may also experience clammy or muggy air in your home. This makes your own skin sweat and will cause mild discomfort and even, in some cases, dehydration. 

HVAC Solutions

Now that you know the common issues people experience with humidity in their homes, you’re probably wanting some potential solutions. Below are 3 ways to ease stress on your HVAC system during humid season while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Install vent fans

Install vent fans in your home, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen where moisture can enter the air through showering and cooking. This will help cycle out some of the water in the air.

Run a dehumidifier

You can also run a dehumidifier in your home, especially at night while you sleep. This will help you breathe easier (literally!) and make you a little more comfortable. 

Invest in plants that absorb moisture

Another way to combat humidity is by investing in plants that specifically absorb moisture from the air. Examples include peace lilies, reed palms, etc.

Air Conditioning Service in Hawaii

Are you still experiencing high humidity levels in your home, even after trying some of the above HVAC solutions? 

At AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions, we pride ourselves on our experience when it comes to HVAC systems. We have been serving the Hawaiian islands for over 20 years and we would be happy to help you solve your humidity issues.

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