Everything you need to know about HVAC filter replacement

Posted on Mar 23, 2019

 HVAC Filter Replacement – More Important Than You Think

Your HVAC unit might be tucked away in a closet or basement, which could cause you to forget about it. However, this piece of equipment is one of the hardest working machines in your home. Regular maintenance for your HVAC system is crucial to ensure it lasts a long time. Once piece of maintenance is changing your HVAC filter regularly.

How do I know when it’s time to change my HVAC filter?

Generally, you should change your HVAC filter every three months or so. This should be done more often if your system works hard (like if it’s for multiple units in an apartment building) or if you live in a humid environment like Hawaii where debris such as mold are more common.

If your HVAC system is new (or you’ve kept the manual it came with) refer to the owner’s manual for detailed information about the filter type and the manufacturer’s recommendation for maintenance. If your HVAC unit is covered by a manufacture warranty, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions! Otherwise, that warranty could be considered void if something goes wrong.

Where can I get HVAC filters?

You can buy HVAC filters at most home improvement stores or hardware stores. However, there are lots of sizes, types and styles of filter. So before you head to the store, make sure you know the exact type of filter you’re looking for, which brings us to our next point…  

What size HVAC filter should I get?

Again, refer to the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s information. If you can’t find this information in the written material, it’s easy to find — reference the filter that is currently in the HVAC unit!

Before you do any work on your HVAC system, make sure it is turned off. You don’t want it turning on while you’re working! After the unit is off, locate the duct work. There will be two spots where ducts are coming into the unit — one is bringing air in, and one is blowing it out into your home. The filter will be between the duct bringing the air in and the body of your HVAC unit.

You may have to feel around the area for a panel that can be removed. Under this panel will be your filter. Locate the filter’s dimensions on the side of the filter, and take note of the brand and model number of the furnace. Take this information to the hardware store with you to purchase the new filter!

How do I change an HVAC filter?

This might be the simplest part — once you have located the filter and purchased a new filter, simply slide the old filter out and replace it with a new filter. Ensure that the arrow on the side is facing the same direction as the air flow to properly trap debris.

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