Top benefits to having clean kitchen ducts

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

You know there’s a benefit to running a clean kitchen — happy customers, happy staff and delicious food! But did you realize that cleanliness should extend to the parts of your kitchen that you can’t see? Your kitchen duct system should be cleaned annually, and not just because the health department advises it.

Here are the top benefits of having clean kitchen ducts:

  • Set the standard for your staff — Show your employees that you value your kitchen. You want it to run as smooth as possible, keeping your staff and your customers safe. This sets a standard for your staff, showing them that you care about them and your kitchen.
  • Save money — Regular maintenance for your kitchen exhaust system means that your machines will run better and more efficiently in the long run. You’ll keep your machinery running longer, saving money on expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Keep it safe — A dirty HVAC system is a breeding ground for disaster. Grease, dust or lint is the perfect fuel for a fire that can spark up at any time. A clean kitchen hood and duct system eliminates the possibility for these kinds of fires.
  • Health concerns — If you keep a clean kitchen, you’ll see that your staff and employees will stay healthier as well. A clogged kitchen exhaust system means less circulation of clean air, but a clean system (and healthy staff) means increased productivity.
  • Energy efficiency — If your kitchen ducts are clean, this means your machinery doesn’t have to work as hard. This lowers energy and power used to run the machine, which means higher productivity at a lower cost.
  • Make sure it’s done right — If an exhaust system is NOT properly cleaned, it can lead to increased problems, from electrical issues to health concerns.

From saving money to a healthier staff, what other reasons do you need to get you need to get your commercial kitchen professionally cleaned? If you’re ready to schedule your annual cleaning, contact our team today.

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