How Increased Tourism Affects Your Kitchen Ducts

Posted on Jan 4, 2017

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Hawaii to enjoy our beautiful weather and awesome activities. While tourists come throughout the year, there is a big peak several times a year during “tourist season.” These peaks mean that more people are frequenting local businesses, including restaurants. These restaurants need to prepare for the influx of people, including hiring staff, ordering supplies and completing annual maintenance in advance. Learn more about how increased tourism affects your kitchen ducts and why you should plan to schedule regular cleaning for your commercial kitchen ductwork outside the Hawaii tourist season.

Busy Seasons For Hawaii and Your Kitchen Ducts

Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year. Our sunny weather, beautiful beaches and plethora of things to do is a draw during any time of year! However, we see a noticeable uptick in visitors a few times a year, including during the summer months, during the winter holidays and March (presumably, during spring break or spring vacations.) According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, Oahu saw more than 566,000 visitors during the summer months in 2018, and a small peak in March of that year at just over 500,000 tourists. The island saw another spike in December of that year, with more than 530,000 visitors to Oahu. When tourists come to Hawaii, they are excited to explore our natural wonders as well as frequent local businesses, including restaurants. It is important to know when the busy season will be for tourists, not only so you can plan your staff’s schedules and ensure you order the proper amount of food for your restaurant, but also to complete all the maintenance needed on your commercial kitchen to ensure your kitchen equipment and machinery continues to run smooth during the busiest times of the year. 

Why Increased Tourism Matters to Restaurants 

Knowing your busy season is a must for almost any industry. It helps the company prepare for an influx of business, which might include hiring additional staff, ordering more supplies and not scheduling routine maintenance during these times. The same is true for the restaurant industry. Here in Hawaii, busy seasons (also meaning tourist season!) include the summer months and over the winter holidays. Knowing those busy times are coming means you and your staff should prepare for an influx of business. We know tourists love to enjoy our cuisine and eat out while visiting Hawaii! In addition to preparing the way a normal business might for a busy season, restaurants should also prepare by scheduling routine maintenance, including having HVAC systems checked, and duct work and range hoods cleaned. 

How Increased Tourism Affects Your Kitchen Ducts 

More people visiting your restaurant means more work for your air filtration system. Your staff is preparing more meals more frequently, which adds to the workload on your kitchen. Additional meals means there is more grease, debris and oils in the air that need to be filtered, additional smells and smoke that need to be removed, and higher temperatures for longer periods of time that need to be regulated. All of this means that your commercial kitchen’s ductwork and HVAC system need to be operating at their highest capacity. 

Why Have Your Kitchen Ducts Cleaned In The Off-Season

Duct cleaning and HVAC system maintenance can often slip to the back of our minds. However, the best time to schedule regular duct work cleaning for your commercial kitchen is during your off-season or right before tourism picks up during the year. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • It is an easy way to prepare for the busy season. 
  • Preventative maintenance will help avoid repairs during the tourist season which might mean you have to shut down or pay extra, costing you time and money. 
  • You will not feel rushed to get the work done. 
  • Regular maintenance helps keep equipment running smoothly and extend the life of the machinery. 
  • It will help keep your kitchen comfortable for staff, and your dining area comfortable for customers. 

Scheduling Your Annual Duct Work Cleaning and HVAC System Maintenance 

The team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions is professionally trained to provide outstanding service to our customers, keeping your commercial kitchen safe and comfortable. Contact our team today to schedule your regular duct work system maintenance or cleaning today, to ensure your restaurant is ready for the busy season. 

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