How to tell if your dryer needs to be cleaned more often

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Dryers are a handy household appliance, but they come with a risk. Dryer ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent machinery failure, fires and health problems. However, some dryers are more at risk than others.

At-Risk Dryer Ducts

Your home could be at risk  if you fit any of these parameters:

  • Your dryer ducts have not been inspected, cleaned or services in more than a year. Dryers are one of the most used items in our home, so lint, dust and debris can build up fast. Once ducts become clogged, lint and debris begins to build up even quicker.
  • You use the dryer often. Larger families or communal dryers (like those in apartment complexes or dorm halls) use their dryer a lot, which means there’s more lint build up in a shorter amount of time.
  • Your dryer ducts are long. Air flow is slowed the longer the duct is, so dryer ducts more than 25 feet in length should be cleaned more often, because air can’t push debris through as far.
  • Your ductwork bends. Like long ducts, ductwork that is bended 90 degrees or more creates constricted air flow, causing additional build up. This is also true if your ductwork is made of flexible foil, because it can kink and restrict air flow.
  • Your ductwork is vinyl or plastic. While these types of ductwork are less expensive to install, some plastic ducts are actually illegal and no longer code-approved.

These risky behaviors might not be the only sign it’s time to have your dryer ducts cleaned. There are also warning signs that you should look for when using your dryer. 

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