Top Tips for Finding a Dependable Contractor to Clean HVAC Systems

Posted on Feb 8, 2017

Selecting a trustworthy contractor to clean residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts can be a challenge. Much like selecting the right mechanic for your car, you want someone who will be trustworthy, upfront and honest, all at a fair price.

Residential and HVAC Service Companies

So how do you find that contractor to clean an HVAC system? Here are our top tips for selecting a trustworthy contractor:

Personal References

Ask around. Does the company you’re looking at have a good reputation with friends and family you trust?

Professional HVAC Experience

Look for someone who has been in business for several years or more. With experience comes more knowledge, and often, a reputation.

Training and HVAC Certifications

Is the business certified by HVAC manufacturers?

Licensing and Standards

Does the business adhere to industry standards? With HVAC cleaning, this could be the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association or other similar institutions.


Look for a company that stands behind their work, in writing.

Do you have tips for selecting a trustworthy contractor? Let us know!