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3.20.2017 Choosing an HVAC cleaning company: Why certifications matter - As you search for a ventilation restoration or industrial cleaning professional, you may wonder how to find the right company. In addition to researching a company’s references, experience or guarantees, it is important to note what advanced certifications a company or its employees has. While some of these certifications may not mean much to you, it shows that the company you’re researching is on top of what’s going on in the industry. Here’s why you should pay attention to the certifications a company has when choosing an HVAC cleaning company: Staying current Certifications help businesses, no matter the trade, stay current on what’s going on in the industry. It also helps to continually improve their employees’ knowledge of the industry and technologies.  Standing out As you research ventilation restoration and industrial cleaning professionals, you may wonder how to choose the right company. Look for those that go above and beyond to get certified in several areas. It shows commitment to their profession and customers. Best value As our team learns about new machinery or technologies, we’re making sure we’re passing on that information to our customers. If there’s a better way to do something that might result in our customers saving time or money, we want to be sure that we learn all we can about it. The team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions in Hawaii works hard to keep up our certifications, and ensure our employees are knowledgeable about the industry.  »Read More


With over 75 years combined experience, AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions is dedicated to provide all the major Hawaiian islands with professional and outstanding workmanship.

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AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions is keeping abreast with industry developments and standards to exceed customer needs for residential and commercial projects.

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Let AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions’ certified technicians take care of your HVAC, kitchen exhaust, dryer exhaust, and trash chute systems cleaning and restoration needs.

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