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5.15.2021 Do Vacuum Attachments to Clean Dryer Vents Work? - Cleaning your dryer vents is a project you should tackle every year and summer is a perfect time to do it. Your dryer vent is the tube that connects your dryer to the outside of your house. Air and moisture created during the drying process get transported outside. During that process, lint, dust, soap deposits, threads all become trapped in the dryer vent. The dryer vent becoming clogged could be dangerous for your home. The dryer generates a lot of heat and could lead to a house fire if not cleaned regularly. A clogged dryer vent could also push gasses and even carbon monoxide into your home. Additionally, when your dryer vent is clogged the moisture and hot air will have to do extra work to escape your home. Instead, that moisture will get trapped inside the vent and clothing dryer. This could mean your clothes will need multiple cycles to dry. Repeatedly running your dryer requires more energy and could turn into increased electric bills. You can call a professional to clean your dryer vents, or you can DIY this project. Some DIYers and handymen prefer to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the lint out. Certain vacuum cleaner attachments may help clean the dryer vent more effectively. Learn about how to use a vacuum attachment to clean the dryer vent below. How To Clean A Dryer Vent With Vacuum Attachments If you have a home vacuum cleaner or even a shop vacuum cleaner, you will likely be able to clean your dryer vent in no time. These only tend to work if your dryer vent system isn’t longer than a few feet. If your dryer vent is too long, a vacuum with vacuum attachments won’t work.  To clean your vents with a vacuum cleaner, you must: Unplug Your Dryer When cleaning your dryer vents, it’s important to make sure you've turned the dryer off. Find the power outlet and unplug your dryer. Find The Vents & Duct There will be a hose on the back of your dryer that connects to the wall. On the outside of your home will be a dryer exhaust vent. Find both of these. Pull The Dryer From The Wall Next, you should pull the dryer a foot or two back from the wall. This will give you space to work while cleaning the vent.  Remove The Dryer Hose Using a screwdriver, take the vent clamp off the dryer hose. The dryer hose should easily pull off from the wall, exposing the dryer vent. Remove The Lint From Dryer Wearing gloves, remove lint from the hole in the back of your dryer.  Vacuum The Dryer Hole Using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum the inside of the dryer hole to remove any lint and trappings. Remove Lint From The Duct Wearing gloves, reach into the duct and remove as much lint as you possibly can. Then, using your hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum as much remaining lint as possible. If you have a longer duct system, you may need to use an extended hose attachment on your vacuum to reach the end of the duct. Reconnect the Dryer Duct Using a screwdriver, connect the dryer duct and dryer valve to the back of the clothes dryer. Make sure it is secure. Then, reconnect the dryer duct to the wall. Push The Dryer Back Once the duct is reconnected, push the dryer back to the wall and turn the dryer back on. Then, turn it on to the air-dry setting and run the dryer for approximately 20 minutes.  Cleaning Your Dryer Vents is Important Cleaning your dryer vents does more than protect your home from fires and carbon monoxide leaks, and saves you money on your electricity bill. Cleaning your dryer vents will help your dryer last longer because it won’t have the wear and tear from having to push hot air through a clogged dryer vent. A clean dryer vent is also a great way to prevent mold growth in the laundry room of your home.  Call AIRPRO for Dryer Vent Cleanings Cleaning your dryer vents is very important for keeping your home safe and saving money. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier indoor environment by having your dryer vents professionally cleaned by the experts at AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions. »Read More


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